MyVeritext is our client-facing

web portal. With MyVeritext,

Cooley case team members can

schedule, view your calendar,

download transcript & exhibit files,

and search documents across

all of your cases.

 Simple. Secure. Searchable.

Veritext is committed to giving back

to our local communities. To this

end we offer a very robust Pro-

Bono program for Cooley. On each

new case (or matter) we will provide

you with the first 500 pages

(Original + 1 copy) with standard

delivery, at no charge. This is

$2,125.00 gratis on every Pro-

Bono case Cooley has.

Pro-Bono Program

Palo Alto, CA                    [email protected]             (866) 299 - 5127

San Francisco, CA           [email protected]             (866) 299 - 5127

Santa Monica, CA            [email protected]             (866) 299 - 5127

San Diego, CA                 [email protected]             (866) 299 - 5127

Washington, DC               [email protected]             (877) 200 - 0118

New York, NY                   [email protected]             (800) 727 - 6396

Seattle, WA                      [email protected]             (866) 299 - 5127

Reston, VA                       [email protected]             (877) 200 - 0118

Broomfield, CO                [email protected]             (866) 299 - 5127

Boston, MA                      [email protected]             (844) 838 - 1396

Veritext Contact & Scheduling Information:

Ongoing hyperlinked and searchable PDF exhibit list updated after each deposition. No Wi-Fi necessary.

Advanced Technologies:

Introduce and share electronic exhibits with all local and remote participants through the use of your laptop or iPad. No need to print and ship multiple copies of documents.

Schedule depositions and access transcripts and exhibits online from anywhere, anytime — for free.

MyVeritext for your smart device. Receive alerts, snap schedule, confirm depositions and access GPS directions.

Secure online depository for storing discovery documents and evidence. Accessible to all parties in your case for searching, viewing and downloading.

Depose witnesses remotely and share exhibits in realtime with many participants. Easily connect with any webcam-equipped device, speakerphone and the internet.